Insight200M  is the latest liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) from Cobalt, offering the lowest false alarm rate of any ECAC certified LEDS system

Exceptional Detection with an Ultra-low False Alarm Rate

Insight200M Screens All Common Container Types

  • ECAC standard 3 (Type B and A)
  • Screens ALL containers, including metals
  • False alarm rate for ALL containers ≈1.5%
  • Fast and easy to use: Scans in ~5 seconds
  • Detects and names threat material (detection only in metal containers)
  • Compact form factor
  • Ideal as stand-alone systems for all containers
    or for alarm resolution with EDS for cabin baggage (C2 or C3)
ItemsFalse Alarm Rate
Non-metallic containers<1%
Bottled Water


All containers including metals (Insight200M)≈1.5%



Flexible Insight200M System Deployment

Stand-alone or Combination Use

For non-metallic containers Insight200M uses Cobalt’s proprietary SORS™ (Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy) technology. Metal containers are screened using a secondary sensor. The system has an exceptionally high detection performance coupled with an ultra-low false alarm rate (FAR).

Insight systems have been widely deployed at airports throughout the EU, with additional installations in Asia and Australasia. Systems operate either as a stand-alone unit or commonly in combination with Type C (C2 or C3) explosive detection systems for cabin baggage. Typical false alarm rates in such combinations are consistently the best available compared to competitor systems.

System Operation

The Insight200M easily screens partially filled containers, as well as STEBS and unusual bottle shapes and sizes. The system has no problem screening containers of 10ml or greater as well as large containers up to 3l. Insight200M can also screen for flammable liquids.

The Insight range has a very high operational reliability, consistently demonstrating >99.8% operational availability in the field.


Multi-language User Modes (Arabic included)

Insight200M’s intuitive software platform can be set up in a wide variety of languages.

Dimensions: 562 mm wide / 536 mm high / 417 mm deepWeight: <25kg

Types of containerGlass: opaque, coloured, clear, frosted
Plastic: opaque, coloured, clear, frosted
Cardboard / Paper
Metal containers: Tetra Paks, foil pouches, drink cans, food tins, tubes, aerosols
Container sizeAny shape up to 38cm (15”) high and 20cm (8″) wide
Contents from 10ml to >3 litres
ContentsLiquids, aerosols, gels and other consumer items
Partially-filled containers and small liquid volume (≈10ml)
Works with dense or viscous liquids, e.g., honey or syrup
SafetyClass 1 laser system – interlocked
CE marked
Power requirements90-264VAC 50-60Hz
<200W continuous
ConnectivityEthernet and USB 2.0
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